Sweet Tucker Madilyn

A few weeks ago I made the journey up to Conway to meet little miss Tucker for her In Home Newborn Session. This was a lifestyle session using their house as our backdrop, along with an in-home studio set up so I brought my posing equipment and lots of baskets and wraps and set up shop in the Nursery! Josh and Tessa had created the PERFECT nursery!  Tranquil, soft, relaxing...I mean, I kind of wanted to live there too! 

Such a beautiful space created by her Talented Mom and Dad for such a beautiful little doll!  Kenneth, her Big brother was so proud and helpful!!  He even made sure I had an Airhead Sour Strip Candy before I left, which was DELICIOUS! 

Tucker's daddy was in the US Marine Corps so we incorporated his dog tags into some of our photos! 


I had such a great time with this precious family!  So happy to have been able to take photos for The Reynolds!   

Bailey + Trey

A few months ago I got a Facebook message from Trey asking if I was interested in shooting a surprise engagement for his girlfriend, Bailey at his family's lake house in Hot Springs, Arkansas.  I was super excited to be asked to be a part of this because been I've taking Bailey's photos for years!  I immediately said yes!


Trey told what he had in mind for the engagement and after scoping out the location, I had a pretty good idea of what the plan was!  He had put a lot of thought and planning into this and had invited all of their friends and family to come watch from the balcony! Both of their sisters had set up a candle lit, decorated table with their photos, last name, and rose pedals!   After shuttling everyone in from another location so Bailey wouldn't be tipped off at all the cars around, we hid and waited! 


 When Bailey opened the door, she couldn't stop smiling and laughing and neither could any of us watching!  I don't think there was a dry eye on the lake!

Trey had to pull her over closer to the table so she could see who all was waiting above for him to pop the question!  I don't think I've ever seen someone so surprised!! (Or if she knew, she was really good at hiding it!)


Trey got down on one knee and in front of all their friends and family, Bailey said yes!

Arkansas Wedding Photographer-27.jpg
Hot Springs Wedding Photographer-37.jpg

One of their friends thought it would be funny to dress as a priest and make everyone, including the newly engaged couple, think that they were going to get married on the spot.   I'm not going to lie, even I was like... "wait no one told me about this!?"   Once we all realized the joke, everyone died of laughter.  I'm still laughing about it to be honest! 

I'm so very happy for Bailey and Trey!  They have wonderful family and friends and we had the best time celebrating their engagement!   I know their wedding will be absolutely perfect!